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Milano Flamenco Festival | Villa Rosa & Friends / Gala flamenca

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Villa Rosa & Friends
Gala flamenca

dance and special collaboration Jonatán Miró, Raquel Heredia “La Repompilla”, Adrián Santana
artistic director Jonatán Miró
stage director Manuel Liñán
vocals Ismael de la Rosa, Manuel Marín
guitar Yerai Cortés

The role of the Tablao in society and in the future of artists: not only survival but also creative space with Manuel Liñán and the artists of Villa Rosa & Friends

organisation and artistic direction Maria Rosaria Mottola for Punto Flamenco;
with the support of  Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte de España – Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y la Música (INAEM), Instituto Cervantes and in collaboration with The Spanish Tourism Organisation, Oficina Cultural Embajada de España

World premiere

Stalls full price € 35
Balcony full price € 30

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Stalls € 84 
Balcony € 69

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For artistic reasons, access to the auditorium is not permitted once the performance has started.
You may take your seat during any intervals.
Purchased tickets cannot be cancelled or substituted or be used for dates or times which differ from those indicated.

Safety measures for access to performances

  • In order to prevent queues and crowding, we invite spectators to arrive at the venue for the show in advance of the scheduled start time.
  • For access face masks must be worn (or an alternative form of protection approved by the Lombardy Region. Non-medical masks are prohibited). The face mask must be worn for the entire duration of the play. “Courtesy” face masks will be available for spectators who do not have suitable protection. Hands must be sanitised via the dedicated dispensers.
  • Personnel at the entrance will have dedicated thermal scanners for measuring temperature. Spectators with a body temperature equal to or higher than 37.5°C will not be granted access.
  • seats assigned guarantee respect for regulations regarding interpersonal distancing.
  • Spectators are kindly requested to follow the instructions provided by the ushers as well as via audio and visual indications in the venue.

For information on tickets and the use of vouchers for organised groups, please contact the Office for Public Promotion and Cultural Proposals
tel. +39 02.72.333.216