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An open and unfiltered conversation on fear and resistance, between hidden yet indestructible roots and the challenges of daily battles that promote awareness, growth and love.

Chiostro Nina Vinchi

The two writers and activists bring to the Piccolo Teatro’s Chiostro the format that led to them finding fame with widespread social network audiences: Non me nero accorta, a column that discusses identity and current affairs, and an Italy that has not yet come to terms with the history of its own form of racism.
An open and unfiltered conversation on fear and resistance, between hidden yet indestructible roots and the challenges of daily battles that promote awareness, growth and love.
Djarah Kahn and Espérance Hakuzwimana draw on their imaginary and real characters to tell the stories they have written in order to resist in the present and to redesign an accessible future composed of care, love and dignity.

The evening, which forms part of the cycle of events Ogni volta unica la fine del mondo, aligns with the philosophy behind sostenere lo sguardo, proposing a collective exercise in perception. As spectators and artists, we ask ourselves how we can aid our planet by looking at it through different eyes; how to focus attention on events, objects and living creatures in order to assess our relationship with the world from foreign and wild points of view.

Djarah Kan (Santa Maria Capua Vetere, 1993) lives in Naples. An enthusiast of Italian literature, electronic music, painting and African philosophy, she began writing about herself and the world around her on her blog dedicated to daily life in Castel Volturno: She is a singer-songwriter and has worked with a large number of bands and figures from the Neapolitan music scene including Zulù from 99 Posse and Enzo Avitabile. With People, she published the collection of stories Ladri di denti (2020).

Esperance Hakuzwimana (Rubaya, 1991) lives in Turin. She reads, writes profusely and conducts Bookcrossing, a programme on books broadcast on Radio Beckwith. She collaborates with associations for human rights and related to her adoptive home of Turin. In October 2019 she published E poi basta. Manifesto di una donna nera italiana with People.

Duration: 60 minutes without interval

The Playbill

Non me nero accorta
with Djarah Kan and Espérance Hakuzwimana
readings by Rosanna Sparapano
in collaboration with Effequ



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