Duration: 80 minutes without interval

Now more than ever, we are understanding the immense value of being able to come together in one place to hear and to share a story that aims to untangle these incomprehensible times. It is a “privilege” that has been suspended for many weeks, replaced by the insufficient mediation of the small screen.

Following the summer events at the Chiostro Nina Vinchi, Stefano Massini returns to meet the Piccolo’s audiences with his stories, based on the wealth of European literature and found amongst the pages of history, interwoven with daily life. These are stories that were just waiting to be discovered and which Massini, accompanied by Paolo Jannacci at the Piano and Daniele Moretto on the trumpet, presents to the spectators.

“What comes before a text? - asks Massini -. Quite simply, the spark of a story, the attraction to its strength, the echoes it contains, and therefore the desire to tell it. But stories emerge everywhere. Above all in this current period, in the proliferation of channels of communication, in which the bulimia of expressing everything at all costs results in an avalanche of useless sequences. One thus discovers that at the dawn of the Third Millennium a writer is above all this: a diviner, a gold-digger in the Klondike in search of veins that are buried, hidden, lying beneath the sediment. We try, then, to make progress through the storytelling workshop, lending form to the ancient ritual of evocation, that system of metaphors and references which Borges defined as enchantment, magic, the incredible anatomy of reality. It is the breeding ground for future stories, the prologue to that which is yet to be said, the Book of Genesis in which creation is still to be organised. In the beginning was the Word. Or rather, nothing existed, but everything began to exist in the very moment in which someone chose their story. And we all form part. In the end, it is just a trick of mirrors”.

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato
from 20 to 25 October 2020
by and with Stefano Massini
piano Paolo Jannacci
trumpet Daniele Moretto
a Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa production
in collaboration with Bubba Music

StallsFull price € 40
Balcony: Full price € 32