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Talk show, a format that is both though-provoking and fun. Sotterraneo, an experimental theatre collective, meets Temo Pievani.

Chiostro Nina Vinchi

As part of Ogni volta unica la fine del mondo, the theatrical collective Sotteraneo lends their contribution to the programme Sostenere lo sguardo, which proposes a collective exercise in perception. As spectators and artists, we ask ourselves how we can aid our planet by looking at it through different eyes; how to focus attention on events, objects and living creatures in order to assess our relationship with the world from foreign and wild points of view.

Here, three chapters of Talk show, a thought-provoking and entertaining format, are presented, involving - in order - Telmo Pievani, Maura Gancitano and Wu Ming 1. Sotterraneo have involved an evolutionist, a philosopher and an author, leading them to walk the line between their professional fields and the theatre, creating an opportunity to examine the sense of their various areas of expertise in this period of digital revolution, in the midst of a global pandemic and an unprecedented climate crisis.

Talk show is a response to our desire to encounter diverse figures that carry out research in distinctly different areas. We are often enamoured by the work of those outside of the theatre, rendering it a tool to apply during rehearsals, citing, copying and betraying them. The talk-show format allows us to meet those who have stirred our passions face-to-face, for example kidnapping them [an evolutionist, a philosopher and an author] and leading them to walk the line between their professional fields and the theatre and examine possible points of compatibility, common enemies and the meaning of their and our work in this period of digital revolution, in the midst of a global pandemic and an unprecedented climate crisis (are we forgetting anything?). A chat set around a table, structured yet self-defacing, both serious and fun, an hour of cultural exercise shared with the audience. (Sotterraneo)

Sotterraneo is an experimental theatrical collective that was founded in Florence in 2005. The group’s productions, which are characterised by an avant-pop approach that is a balance between collective concepts and anti-conventional ideas, form part of many of the most important national and international festivals and theatres, over the years receiving numerous forms of recognition including the Lo Straniero Award, the Hystrio Award, the BeFestival First Prize, the Silver Laurel Wreath Award/Sarajevo MESS Festival and two UBU Awards including one for “show of the year 2018” with “Overload”. Sotteraneo is part of the Fies Factory project and the European network Shift Key and is a resident collective at the Theatrical Association of Pistoia.

Telmo Pievani is a Professor of Philosophy of Biology at the University of Padua. A Biology Philosopher and expert in the theory of evolution. He collaborates with the most important Italian scientific festivals and has directed important international scientific exhibitions. The author of books on evolution, including a number for children, together with the Banda Osiris and Federico Taddia he has co-written and performed in scientifically themed theatrical and musical projects. He collaborates with the newspaper Il Corriere della Sera and with the magazines Le ScienzeMicromega and L’Indice dei Libri.

Duration: 75 minutes without interval

The Playbill

Talk Show - Sotterraneo incontra Telmo Pievani
created and directed by Sotterraneo
with Sara Bonaventura, Claudio Cirri, Daniele Villa + Telmo Pievani
staging Marco Santambrogio
props Francesco Silei
grafiche Isabella Ahmadzadeh

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