Teatro fra parentesi - mare culturale urbano

Duration: 90 minuti senza intervallo

Marco Paolini chooses the style of the Albums for his presence at the Piccolo, on the occasion of the summer at the Chiostro Nina Vinchi and in other venues in Milan.
Album is a word that leads to the origins of his work, chosen with the awareness that this is not a recommencement, but rather a new beginning, and that every evening, every show, every venue that plays host will be filled with stories that are hard to forget, but this is one of the demands made of the theatrical vocation. This and much more.

“An Album of short stories - explains Paolini - held together by a string of thoughts, stories from my repertoire, as well as from the latest play, which has never been staged due to the lockdown caused by COVID-19. Stories that are like surprises in an Easter egg, because there was no Easter this year and this is our way of somehow making up for the loss”.

mare culturale urbano – Via Giuseppe Gabetti 15, Milano
28 August 2020, ore 9.30 p.m.
Marco Paolini
Teatro fra parentesi
Le mie storie per questo tempo
a Michela Signori, Jolefilm production

In collaboration with Fondazione Cariplo
The shows form part of the "Aria di Cultura" programme organised by the Municipality of Milan

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