Tramedautore – Ultima spiaggia

Touring production

A chance encounter, a photography, memories that resurface and bring with them people and places that never cease to be dangerous.

Chiostro Nina Vinchi

“Citizens without a state” is the common theme of the 20th edition of Tramedautore, which this year focuses on Italy and Italian artists, with a small international section including brand/new short texts by foreign writers.
“Even though this year will be characterised by a more intimate feel - write the organisers - the Festival will still be bringing together writers and artists who have shared this journey for so long, together with the various institutions that have accompanied them, first and foremost the Piccolo Teatro. Twenty years on, we still believe that the theatre can play an important role in metabolising the contemporary, in spreading knowledge and in promoting the growth of a community that we want to see increasingly diverse and inclusive”.

Ultima spiaggia
A woman, a famous actress, is spending a few weeks’ rest in a resort in the midst of the snow-covered mountains. Time passes without a trace, amidst visits from an overly attentive friend and the assistance of a man, her agent, who keeps his distance. However, one day, after having been skiing, the woman is convinced she has seen a young man on the slopes and to have recognised in him her brother, who disappeared twelve years earlier. From that moment on, her only thought is to find him again. However, no-one believes her, partially because the young man has two parents and claims to come from over the border. But all it takes is a photograph to open a chasm of memories, nightmares, people and places that never cease to be dangerous.

Riccardo Favaro (1994) graduated in 2017 as a theatre actor at the Paolo Grassi Civic School of Theatre in Milan. In the same year, he was a finalist at the Riccione - Pier Vittorio Tondelli award with his work Nastro 2. The dramaturgy for Saul, a project directed by Giovanni Ortovela and selected for the Directors Under 30 competition, won him a special mention at the 2018 Theatre Biennial. He won the 2019 Scenario award with the piece Una vera tragedia.

The Association Situazione Drammatica set up by Tindaro Granata, Carlo Guasconi and Ugo Fiore has led to the creation of Il Copione (The Script), a review of events/presentations/readings of works by young contemporary Italian writers. In order to participate, the spectator buys the script that will be read that evening by the actors and is able to follow the reading by approaching the dramaturgy in a direct and participative manner. At the end, the writer discusses their work with the audience.


The Playbill

Chiostro Nina Vinchi
Monday 14 September 2020, 6 p.m.
Ultima spiaggia
by Riccardo Favaro
with Alessandro Bandini, Angelo Di Genio, Federica Fracassi, Petra Valentini
reading of the text by Riccardo Favaro for Situazione Drammatica

Single seat € 5