La Caduta di Troia. Dal Libro II dell’Eneide

Estate fuori scena

Touring production
©Giuseppe Distefano
From book two of the Aeneid comes La Caduta di Troia: performed by Massimo Popolizio, who – with his magnetic and unmistakable voice – is one of the most celebrated actors in Italy. A Latin epic poem, the Aeneid is a work of exceptional power, in particular in book two, which speaks of the violence of the war and the flight to sea.


Castello Sforzesco, Cortile delle Armi

The words of Virgil read like a storyboard, a kind of early screenplay, and “through those words – Popolizio says – I seek to create real images, to show you what is written”. 
The theme is deceit. The immense horse, a gift from the Greeks, is taken within the walls of Troy, but for the Trojans it becomes a machine of death and destruction. In the court of Dido, Aeneas describes that night of violence and horror with “unspeakable suffering”. 
The music of Stefano Saletti, played live on stage, is enriched by the presence of the Iranian musician Pejman Tadayon on the kemenche, the daf and the ney, ancient and evocative instruments from Persian tradition. The languages used are Ladino, Aramaic, Hebrew and Sabir, an ancient Mediterranean language. Saletti uses instruments such as the oud, the bouzouki and the bodhran to enhance the atmosphere animated by Massimo Popolizio and the crystalline voice of Yasemin Sannino, which shifts between melisma and scales of Middle Eastern origin. A veritable “score” that renders this work an opera, where the voice of Popolizio gains form and body. 

The show is curated by the Piccolo Teatro di Milano as part of “Estate al Castello” and is performed on Tuesday 2 August 2022 at 9 PM


Duration: 70’ without interval

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The Playbill

La Caduta di Troia
dal Libro II dell’Eneide 

performed by Massimo Popolizio
with music by Stefano Saletti, performed live by Stefano Saletti, Yasemin Sannino, Pejman Tadayon
a Compagnia Umberto Orsini production

Single ticket 
Full price € 20 | Discounted (under 26 and over 65) € 17
People with disabilities who wish to take part to the event can contact the phone box office of the Piccolo + 39 02.2112.6116, from Monday to Saturday from 12.30 to 18