NEXT – Sogno americano. Chapter1#ray.

Duration: 70 minuti

NEXT is the Lombardy Region’s project, organised in collaboration with the Cariplo Foundation with the aim of distributing new live productions as well as promoting and strengthening the network of contacts between operators on a national and international level.
For the 2020 edition, NEXT will once again be at the Piccolo Teatro with two shows. Sogno americano Chapter1#ray, by the Milanese experimental theatre group Teatro del Simposio (set up in 2012), and Non un’opera buona, by the servomuto Teatro collective of writers, actors and directors (again founded in 2012).

Sogno americano Chapter1#ray is a play by Giulia Lombezzi inspired by the works of Raymond Carver, who through his writings examined the most humble layers of society, common people crushed by life’s hardships. The two main characters in this story are a man and a woman who, inside their apartment, come to terms with themselves, while outside the American dream of the 1960s blares, with rivers of whisky making everything manageable. But there are some desperate souls who are calling for justice.

Sogno americano. Chapter1#ray.
Con tutta quell’acqua a due passi da casa

progetto a cura di Francesco Leschiera, Manuel Renga, Ettore Distasio
drammaturgia di Giulia Lombezzi
regia di Francesco Leschiera
con Mauro Negri, Ettore Distasio e Ilaria Marchianò
scene di Paola e Margherita Ghiano
costumi di Davide Vitale e Iembo Marco
assistente alla regia Giulia Pes

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Posto unico Platea/Balconata € 10

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