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A pressing, profound and topical story that examines the indescribable contemporary tragedy of the landings on the coasts of the Mediterranean. Davide Enia stages an epic poem of everyday heroes, a story of life and death that becomes a metaphor for an individual and collective tragedy.

Mare Culturale Urbano - Cascina Torrette

“When I saw the first landings in Lampedusa, I was with my father—writes Davide Enia, playwright, actor, and director of the play based on the novel Appunti per un naufragio (winner of the 2018 Mondello Award)—. There were so many young people and children coming out. This was history in the making, right before our eyes. Over the years I have returned to the island, building up a continuous dialogue with the eyewitnesses; fishermen, officials from the Coast Guard, residents, doctors, volunteers, and divers”. Their words and, above all, their silences have become a story, a historical account, and an existential journey. “The recordings of their voices—continues Enia—has led to the emergence of fragments of stories full of immense pain but also of hope. Their words opened perspectives and concealed abysses”. This staging by Davide Enia brings together various theatrical styles and languages; the ancient songs of the fishermen that are sung along the routes between Sicily and Africa, and the songs of Palermo, the melodies sung by a choir of voices which intertwine to become prayers full of anger when the sea roars and the nets bring forth the bodies of men, women, and children amidst the catch.

The show is curated by the Piccolo Teatro di Milano as part of “Milano è Viva nei quartieri” and is performed on Monday 5 September 2022 at 20.30 PM. Admission is free upon reservation


Duration: 85’ without interval

The Playbill

based on Appunti per un naufragio (published by Sellerio)
a show by and with Davide Enia
music composed and performed by Giulio Barocchieri
a Teatro di Roma - Teatro Nazionale, Teatro Biondo di Palermo, Accademia Perduta/Romagna Teatri production
in collaboration with Festival internazionale di narrazione Arzo
organised by Luca Marengo


Free admission upon reservation