Una storia vera, se volete

© Federico Sigillo


Una storia vera, se volete
written and directed by Giuliana Musso
with Maria Ariis and Giuliana Musso
original music by Giovanna Pezzetta
musical consultation and arrangements by Leo Virgili
sets Francesco Fassone
assistance and technical direction Claudio Parrino
a La Corte Ospitale production
an Operaestate Festival Veneto coproduction
with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Emilia-Romagna Region a play created for the Theatrical Biennial ATTO QUARTO: NASCONDI(NO)
with thanks to Teatro di Artegna, l’Associazione Amici del Teatro, Servizi Teatrali S.r.l. – Casarsa for their support

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Stalls full price € 33 | Discounted (under 26 and over 65) € 21
Balcony full price € 26 | Discounted (under 26 and over 65) € 18

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