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Calendario civile

Words, voices and images to celebrate moments of collective memory.

As part of the Piccolo Smart project, the chapter dedicated to the “calendario civile” and the tribute that the Piccolo intends to pay continues and grows, motivated by the institutes roots as a public service and its identity as “An Art Theatre for All”. Dates from Italy’s popular and democratic history that the project aims to celebrate include 1 May and 9 May, as well as 2 June, which will be brought together in a single digital presentation created in the spirit of the “Abbecedario per il mondo nuovo”, the series of podcasts that inaugurated PiccoloSmart. The spin-off of the Abbecedario is meaningfully entitled Calendario Civile, and brings together three dates, three letters and three different languages: L for lavoro (labour) for 1 May, (through writing), E for Europe, for 9 May (in the form of audio/podcast), R for Repubblica for 2 June (in video form). The same playwrights involved in the “Abbecedario per il mondo nuovo” project will be called on to lend their original interpretation to these three moments in Italian popular culture (and more), divided into three groups, one for each letter. The first event will be an “extra” part of the Abbecedario programme, in which we will be approaching the letters via a number, 25.


Res publĭca vuole immaginare la Repubblica nella sua accezione di Stato Ideale, concetto matrice di utopie quindi un luogo di proiezioni e di desideri.
Sette autori per sette definizioni di Repubblica, in forma di articoli o di enunciati. Sette declinazioni di un luogo interiore, immaginario ma non per questo inesistente, visitabile sullo schermo.
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9 May is Europe Day. The programme of the Piccolo Teatro’s Abbecedario Civile, a project created as a spin-off of the Abbecedario per un mondo nuovo, encounters a new date and therefore a new letter and a new language. Europa in sette tempi is the audio podcast created by the playwrights involved in the project to express the E for Europe.
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The first of May is a moment of reflection on the concept of labour. The group of young playwrights from the Abbecedario per un mondo nuovo project will create a Civil ABC, concentrating on the relationship between time and work. Each of the writers has examined on a different part of a collective work, a result of a crafting of words, a script, which in its combination of “arias”, “entr’actes” and “recitatives” - together, of course, with an “ouverture” and a “finale” - sees the varying and personal works existing in unison, following the rhythms of their respective perception.
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For Liberation Day, the Piccolo Teatro di Milano will be presenting a video project with a strongly educational aspect entitled Milano Libera. It is a story of memorable moments that will be broadcast on 25 April on the theatre's social media channels. The video is the final result of a process that began in January, involving students from the Virgilio high school in Milan. Under the guidance of the video maker Riccardo Frati, the youngsters were encouraged to study the history and memory of the country through personal and photographic documentation.
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