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#Pinocchio. Una fiaba per immagini

A project created by the Piccolo in collaboration with the Carlo Colla & Figli Puppetry Company and The Box Films, with the support of Rummo.

The first part of Fiabe, maestri e giovani eroi marks the beginning of the collaboration between the Piccolo Teatro and Rummo dedicated to younger generations.

Redesign the future, recompose the fragments of community and its representation through culture and a stubborn faith in its resources. It is the cornerstone of the collaboration that this year, for the first time, brings together the Piccolo Teatro di Milano and Rummo, two examples of excellence, each in its own particular way within its field, that share an idea of culture, of artisan artistry, of a form of knowledge that brings together tradition and innovation for the benefit of the sense of identity of a community that currently finds itself lacerated by the unprecedented events of the last year. The maestros of pasta production and the maestros of theatrical direction. They come together in a common project created for schools - primary and secondary - in Lombardy and Campania, and families. A positive expression of social responsibility from a company that in the wake of the violent flooding of 2015 has demonstrated energy, tenacity and unfaltering hope in reconstruction, from a theatre whose roots lie in the period of reconstruction following the destruction of the Second World War and which now, as is the case for many cultural institutions, is working hard to recommence activities, and from the younger generations, one of the categories that has paid the highest price during the pandemic due to the harsh denial of socialisation.

With the support of Rummo and the involvement of the Carlo Colla & Figli Puppetry Company, Beniamino Barrese, one of the most recent emerging stars of Italian cinema and the author of the documentary dedicated to his mother Benedetta Barzini, La scomparsa di mia madre, and Davide Carnevali, one of the most performed Italian playwrights on the European scene, the Piccolo aims to reconnect the thread of interrupted communication through a collective experience aimed at constructing a new narration of present times. The focus is on Pinocchio, a symbol of transformation and exploration, and the epic, the power that its code has in continuing to decipher the present.

The 7 episodes of the fable through images, directed by Beniamino Barrese and produced in collaboration with The Box Films, will be published every Monday and Wednesday on our YouTube channel. The episodes will be accompanied by #Pinocchio Lab, an educational activity involving 6 video tutorials have been recorded from inside the Colla workshops, which will be shown during the live links with the Company’s workshops aimed at primary school children. The video tutorials will then be published on our social network profiles.


Il laboratorio di geppetto

from Monday 10 May 2021


La voce del grillo parlante

from Wednesday 12 May 2021


Il gran teatro dei burattini

from Monday 17 May 2021



Gli inganni del gatto e la volpe
from Wednesday 19 May 2021


La fata turchina

from Monday 24 May 2021


Tra balocchi e pescecane

from Wednesday 26 May 2021


Il risveglio di Pinocchio
from Monday 31 May 2021



The educational programme

As well as being one of the most celebrated and well-known children’s tales in the world, Pinocchio has also been rewritten and reinvented by fiction, screen and stage writers more than almost any other story. In this light, the #Pinocchio educational programme will be taking its cue from Collodi’s original story to examine, on the one hand, how and in how many ways a story can be told and, on the other, to lend a voice and form to the imagination, the emotions and the adventures of all the children taking part.
The programme is made up of 6 live events via Teams broadcast from the artisan workshops of the Carlo Colla & Figli Company and accompanied by 6 video tutorials of a maximum length of 2 minutes. Each tutorial will be a summary of the workshop activity illustrated during the event by the puppeteers and can be used either in class or at home. The final aim of the course is to make a puppet theatre, with which each child/class can stage their own story, with the help of parents and teachers.

The tutorials will be published via social from September 2021. The work of the children collected during the workshops (audio accounts, sketches, figurines and videos) will be brought together on the websites of Rummo, the Piccolo Teatro and the Carlo Colla & Figli Company, providing a cue for further communication activities.



The events 

12 May 2021 at 5.30 p.m.
Pinocchio & Co.
Taking its cue from the publication of the episodes of #Pinocchio as well as of the adaptation by the Colla Company, we will be looking at the infinite possibilities of telling a story, and we will be presenting the project to teachers and parents.
After having gone over the original version of the tale, teachers/parents and children will be involved in the writing of a new adventure for Pinocchio. The stories can be short written pieces or recorded as an audio file of at most 1 minute in length.
Le nuove avventure di Pinocchio will then be brought together in a multimedia publication that will also be shared on social media.
Target Primary schoolteachers and parents


26 May 2021 at 11 a.m.
Marionette e Burattini
Pinocchio is the most famous puppet in the world. The first event dedicated to children will draw on a number of elements from the Mangiafuoco scene to examine different types of puppet and their potential for expression.
The children will be involved in two especially important activities suited to the summer months. Firstly, they will create a diary with pictures/words/music dedicated to their summer adventures. One of these stories will be used for the final performance. The children will also be building their own puppet theatre, with the help of teachers and parents.
Target Children of 6 years old and over, and teachers/parents


October 2021
C’era una volta un pezzo di legno
In this event, we will see in detail how a marionette is made, from the engraving of the face to the building of the body.
The children will learn to build the characters in their story and understand how to move them in the theatre
Target Children of 6 years old and over, and teachers/parents


November 2021
Il vestituccio di carta fiorita
An event set in the tailoring workshop, where we will see how a marionette costume is made, beginning with the pattern.
The children will learn how to make the costumes for their characters with recycled materials.
Target Children of 6 years old and over, and teachers/parents


November 2021
Il Paese dei Balocchi
A fundamental aspect of the play we are putting together will be the painting of the backgrounds used to create the scene.
Using a simple piece of wrapping paper, we will see how to make the hand-painted sets for our play.
Target Children of 6 years old and over, and teachers/parents


December 2021
Nella bocca del pescecane
The final part of our course looks at how to put together and stage everything that we have learned. This session will uncover all the secrets of the operating bridge and the machinery used to create special effects during a performance.
The children will learn how to move the puppets, change the backdrops and use lighting and music for their play. The staging will be recorded as a video with a maximum length of 3 minutes, with the help of teachers and parents. All of the adventures can be shared on social media and in the promotional material for the Carlo Colla & Figli Company show, which will be performed at the Piccolo Teatro for Christmas 2021.
Target Children of 6 years old and over, and teachers/parents