Tramedautore - Contratto matrimoniale

Duration: 1h and 15 minutes

Following the success of "Il Teatro delle Regione (Regional Theatre)" (21 – 26 July), the TramedautoreFestival returns for its traditional international September appointment, this year dedicated to China and its grand transformations.

The review will host eight productions by established and up-and-coming Chinese artists, who through their various styles tell of urban life in the Chinese megalopolises of Beijing, Shanghai, Nanking and Hong Kong: Cent'anni di architettura cinese (11 and 12 September, a play in original language with surtitles); Fake Single (13 September); Leave before getting old (15 September); Contratto matrimoniale (16 September); Wildboar - Il cinghiale  (17 September); La Fuga (18 September); Cinglish - Cinglese  (19 September); Carbone attivo (20 September).

Alongside the performances there will be opportunities to meet the artists, conferences on the themes of the review and film screenings. Click here for the programme.

In collaboration with Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office – Brussels, Eric C. Yim, Ronald Lu & Partners -呂元祥建築師事務 – The Italian Institute of Culture Beijing, Istituto Confucio dell’Università degli Studi di Milano, Fondazione Italia – Cina, O barra O Edizioni, The Chinese theatre workshop of the Università "L'Orientale", Naples, created by the sinologist Maria Cristina Pisciotta.

A paradoxical inversion of the concept of matrimony, in this work the author captures the trends of the middle classes in the great cities: highly rapid social-economical changes and sudden transfers, job insecurity…

Is it even possible to get married for a fixed term?

Pan Jun (1957), educated at the Anhui Province University, was one of the so-called "educated youths" sent to the countryside during the cultural revolution. Initially known for his novels and stories to later become famous as a television director with series such as Continente (26 episodes) and Il dialogo. His popularity however reached its peak with the series I cinque agenti on the war of resistance against Japan, broadcast first in Shanghai and then to the entire country. As a theatrical playwright he gained great success with Contratto matrimoniale, based on his novel Il modo di divorziare in Cina (2003), which was also brought to the cinema and to television screens for a highly successful series.

Piccolo Teatro Grassi
Wednesday 16 September, 8.30 pm
by Pan Jun
translated by Annalisa Annuvolo
with Giusi Emanuela Iannone, Silvia Giulia Mendola, Ivan Olivieri, Valeria Perdonò, Michele Radice
directed by Sergio Basso