Tramedautore - Det er Ales (Lei è Ales)

Det er Ales is based on the novel of the same name by Jon Fosse. It is the story of Signe (played in her youth by Maria Sand and as an old woman by Daniela Giordano), who reminisces on the day on which her husband Asle (Gianluca Iumiento) says goodbye for the last time, before disappearing in his row boat, swallowed by the waters of the fjord. The analysis in the intense and emotional work concentrates on the reasons for abandon, the knowledge of one’s own destiny, and the legacy of suffering.

Notes on the play
Many years on from the day of the tragedy, Signe has an intense and improbable conversation with the young version of herself, discussing the reasons which drove her husband to carelessly venture out on a stormy afternoon.
The reasons for his departure are explored by Signe who, many years later, still cannot understand the cause of this profound trauma which led her to live a life in suffering from solitude and the absence of her husband. The young couple’s choice to go and live in solitude on the fjord (from where his family came) and his obsession for a small row boat and the immense fjord which opens towards the horizon are examined with emotion, just like in a session of family therapy and in the best of psychodramas. All three characters see the past, the present and the future from their unchanging points of view, aware of their inability to change the course of events.
The story becomes even more intense when the discussion of the tragedy widens to take in previous generations, thus opening a harrowing reconstruction of Asle's family tree and the legacy of suffering that regularly repeats itself and never leaves this family from the Norwegian fjords.

Piccolo Teatro Grassi
Thursday 15 and Friday 16 September 2016, 8.30 pm
Det er Ales - (This is Ales)

by Jon Fosse
editing for the theatre by Maria Sand
translation by Kristian Bjørnsen and Giulia Brunello
with Daniela Giordano, Gianluca Iumiento, Maria Sand
directed by Gianluca Iumiento
a Det Norske Teatret di Oslo and Festival Quartieri dell’Arte coproduction

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