Concerto per Amleto

Duration: one hour and 30 minutes without interval

Shakespeare’s Hamlet represents, for Fabrizio Gifuni, a permanently-open workshop, from the three-year cycle of art lessons held by Orazio Costa during the years of study in Academy to the analogies identified in the award-winning play L’Ingegner Gadda va alla guerra o della tragica istoria di Amleto Pirobutirro.
“With Hamlet, Shakespeare states all of his love for an idea of theatre like in no other work of his. Ghosts, neurosis and melancholy fight with the game” - says Gifuni - “and even power is revealed through play”.
Concerto per Amleto is the result of a theatrical and musical stage play written in collaboration with the conductor Rino Marrone. The multiple voices of the tragedy are interwoven with the powerful musical fresco that Dmitrij Shostakovich dedicated to this work on two occasions. The first, in 1932, is a suite based on the stage music for the theatrical edition of Hamlet by the director Nicolai Akimov. The second, from 1964, was commissioned by the director Grigori Kozintsev for the film Hamlet, with the precious adaptation by Boris Pasternak.

Piccolo Teatro Strehler
from 22 to 25 November 2018
Concerto per Amleto
based on "The tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Denmark" by William Shakespeare
dramaturgy Fabrizio Gifuni, with the musical consultancy of Rino Marrone
voice Fabrizio Gifuni
conductor Rino Marrone
music Dmitrij Shostakovich: from Op. 32, stage music for Hamlet by Nikolai Akimov and Op. 116,music for the film Hamlet by Grigori Kozintsev
played by the Giuseppe Verdi Symphonic Orchestra, Milan
a le vie dei festival production
in collaboration with the Giuseppe Verdi Symphonic Orchestra, Milan and Piccolo Teatro di Milano

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