Milano Flamenco Festival – De la concepción

Duration: 70 minutes wihtout interval

Identidad: La libertad de ser/ Identity: The freedom to be is the title of the 12th edition of the Milano Flamenco Festival at the Teatro Strehler from 25 to 28 June. The programme is offering three performances - two showing for the first time in Italy - which offer an in-depth examination of the identity of the female universe and the freedom of expression.
The Festival opens with ¡Viva!, the new creation by Manuel Liñan who, following his successful appearance in 2018, returns to the Piccolo with a new show (25 June); this will be followed by De la concepción with the María Moreno Company (26 June) and lastly Distopía with the Patricia Guerrero company (28 June). 

De la concepción
The performance by Maria Moreno, which is of personal and autobiographical inspiration, brings together the most authentic traditions of Flamenco with avant-garde dance, and walks a line between the conceptual and the purist. The directing and the writing of Eva Yerbabuena and the musical directing of Andrés Marín is of fundamental importance. Conception and observation lies at the heart of the performance, where, through personal citations such as the experience of being born a girl when everyone was expecting a boy, and the dream of a father who wanted to be a bullfighter but ended up as a sailor, the various phases of life as research and transition develop towards the definition of the self, or the sense of self with the aim of always defending freedom. independence and identity.

María Moreno
A shining star in a new generation who, through a richness of language, mastery of technique, the freshness of youth and an incredible desire to exceed her own limits, is taking Flamenco to a new golden age. Her dance is heavily stylised, rich in shades of meaning and personal details full of significance and history. A style which clearly draws on the language of her masters, Javier Latorre, Rafaela Carrasco, Antonio Canales and Eva Yerbabuena, but which over the years the artist has clearly and coherently made her own.

Milano Flamenco Festival is an event organised by Punto Flamenco AC with the artistic direction of Maria Rosaria Mottola and the support of the Ministerio Educaciòn, Cultura y Deporte de España – Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y la Música (INAEM) and the collaboration of the Istituto Cervantes.

Piccolo Teatro Strehler
26 June 2019, 9 pm
De la concepción
Italian première
María Moreno Company
dance María Moreno
written and directed by Eva Yerbabuena
stage-play and musical director Andrés Marín
guitar Oscar Lago
vocals Enrique “El Extremeño / Pepe De Pura
percussion Javier Teruel
palmas Roberto Jaén
organisation and artistic direction Maria Rosaria Mottola for Punto Flamenco  


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