Tramedautore – ST(r)AGE

Duration: one hour without interval

Included as one of the initiatives for the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the 18th edition of Tramedautore – International Festival of Dramaturgy directed by Michele Panella, focuses on a new generation of artists from Italy, France, Spain and Germany, immersed in a period of great fragility and political, social-cultural and individual paradoxes.
In addition to the plays, the Chiostro Nina Vinchi will play host to discussions, performances and concerts.

A ghost wanders Europe: it is the ghost of ST(r)AGE, a mass suicide. In the name of good visibility - and naturally for the right money - a grotesque ensemble of artists perform a bloody act. The carnage, set to be performed simultaneously throughout the world, marks the complete disappearance of theatre worldwide. Years later, four characters hide in an abandoned theatre where, forced to live together, they get to know each other and form an alliance.
ST(r)AGE is a provocation to imagine a country without culture, where intellectuals remain in silence and artists forget their art. It is an attempt to respond, once again, to the usual question: what is art for?

bologninicosta is a collective which is the result of the encounter between Sofia Bolognini (1992 - playwright and director) and Dario Costa (1988 - composer and social researcher), who concentrates his artistic research on playwriting and original music and uses sociology to transform the data collected into theatrical performances. Their projects include: RomeoeGiulio (2016), Cantieri Incivili (2016), Le Supplici ovvero L’Ultimo Dio (2017).

Piccolo Teatro Grassi
Friday 15 September 2018, 7.30 pm
ST(r)AGE | Italy
by bologninicosta
with Aurora Di Gioia, Giorgia Narcisi, Daniele Tagliaferri, Andrea Zatti
written by Sofia Bolognini
original music by Dario Costa
directed by Sofia Bolognini
director’s assistant Dario Costa
social research Daniele Panaroni
media partner Edoardo Borzi, Cesare D’Arco (Theatron 2.0)
video operators Lorenzo Peyrone, Michele Galella, Giovanni Peyrone
a bologninicosta production

Full price stalls / balcony € 15

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