A single act of shocking simplicity, an interview between the philosopher, writer and political scientist Hannah Arendt and Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi official who was responsible for having planned, structured and made possible the extermination of millions of Jews. It is a theatrical dialogue that Stefano Massini has based on the transcripts of interrogations that took place in Jerusalem - where Eichmann was put on trial following his arrest in 1960 in Argentina -, on documentation regarding the trial and on German and Jewish historiography as well as on the writings of Hannah Arendt herself. Directed by Mauro Avogadro, Ottavia Piccolo and Paolo Pierobon, working together for the first time, take on a ferocious theatrical dialogue in which, encouraged by Arendt, Eichmann traces his career alongside Hitler and Himmler, as he gradually put together the plan for the Final Solution, the creation of the terrible system for extermination that condemned 6 million Jews to death, as well as Romanies, homosexuals and political opposition. How was the gas experimented with? When was it decided to begin the extermination? How was the horror of Auschwitz actually managed? A shocking truth gradually emerges. There was no “greatness” in the man who planned all of this. Rather, he emerges as a desperate mix of pettiness, social climbing and opportunism, who astounds more for his lowness than for his inventiveness. But in the end, it is here that evil takes shape, in the most common and unsuspecting human narrow-mindedness.


Piccolo Teatro Grassi
from 27 January to 7 February 2021
Eichmann – Dove inizia la notte
by Stefano Massini
with Ottavia Piccolo and Paolo Pierobon
directed by Mauro Avogadro
sets Marco Rossi
costumes Giovanna Buzzi
music Gioacchino Balistreri
lighting Michelangelo Vitullo
Teatro Stabile di Bolzano / Teatro Stabile del Veneto

Italian premiere

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