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Future is an intergenerational representation of a form of Italianness seen through the eyes of some of the most important voices in black feminism in our country.

Chiostro Nina Vinchi

Igiaba Scego, the curator of the anthology Future together with Adama Sanneh, co-founder and CEO of the Moleskine Foundation, discuss how the reappropriation of one’s own narrative can be a powerful driver for social change.
Following an overview of so-called “migrant literature”, the audience - through the pages of Future - will be given the opportunity to discover 11 Italian authors of African origin who speak of the future, of generations and of roots.
Future is an intergenerational presentation of a form of Italianness seen through the eyes of some of the most important voices in black feminism in our country. An anthology that takes its cue from our home, Italy, and looks beyond the borders with extraordinary strength and emotion. An opportunity to look for powerful and unexplored viewpoints from where to observe change.

Igiaba Scego is an Italian-Somali author. She collaborates with Internazionale and Il Manifesto. Her latest book to be published in Italy is La linea del colore (Bompiani 2020). She served as the curator of the feminist and Afro-Italian anthology Future. Il domani narrato dalle voci di oggi for effequ (2019).

Adama Sanneh is the co-founder and CEO of the Moleskine Foundation. Adama’s educational career was variegated and articulated. From Cultural Studies to Management, her all-round experience has allowed her to develop a systematic approach to the planning and construction of innovative organisations that are capable of generating social impact. She graduated in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation at the University of Milan, completed a master’s course in Public Management (MPM) at the Luigi Bocconi University of Business and a master’s in business administration (MBA) at the University of Geneva.  After graduating, Adama worked as a strategic and management consultant for various public and non-profit organisations, including the United Nations, in the fields of education, social enterprise and innovation. As the CEO of the Moleskine Foundation, she is committed to exploring the intersection between business, education, culture and social development as a means to creating new and significant public value.

The evening, which forms part of the cycle of events Ogni volta unica la fine del mondo, aligns with the philosophy behind sostenere lo sguardo, proposing a collective exercise in perception. As spectators and artists, we ask ourselves how we can aid our planet by looking at it through different eyes; how to focus attention on events, objects and living creatures in order to assess our relationship with the world from foreign and wild points of view.

Duration: 60 minutes without interval

The Playbill

with Igiaba Scego and Adama Sanneh
moderated by Marta Cuscunà
reading by Rosanna Sparapano
with the participation of the editors of Effequ, Silvia Costantino and Francesco Quatraro

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