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Emanuele Coccia leads spectators through the plant world from a totally new point of view; freed from the setting of our domestic lives, trees and plants play a lead role in a revolutionary way to view the world. Taking part in this event in Arianna Scommegna, who will be reading excerpts from La poesia degli alberi, the anthology published by Luca Sossella Editore.

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Chiostro Nina Vinchi

The philosopher Emanuele Coccia leads spectators on an unpredictable journey through the universe of plants, the lives of which have sculpted and shaped the world as we know it. Accompanying him on this journey is the actress Arianna Scommegna, who will be reading a number of excepts from La poesia degli alberi, a monumental collection of poets and poetry from all over the world, selected by Mino Petazzini. Roots, leaves, flowers and branches are the instruments in an incessant process of auto-design and transformation; looking from the point of view of the plants, spectators will find themselves faced by a spectacular fact: by placing botany on a par with zoology, one needs to accept the intelligence and memory of plants, rendering them the main protagonist in life on Earth.

Emanuele Coccia is Associated Professor of philosophy at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) in Paris, and previously held the role of Assistant Professor at the University of Freiburg im Breisgau. He has been invited as visiting professor by the universities of Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Düsseldorf, Columbia University New York, Weimar and Munich. His books include Sensible life (2010, translated into six languages). Goods (2013, translated into 6 languages) The life of plants (2016, translated into 12 languages), Metamorphoses (Payot 2020) and Filosofia della casa (2021 Einaudi). Together with Giorgio Agamben, he curated an anthology on angelology in three religions (Angeli. Ebraismo, Cristianesimo, Islam, Neri Pozza, 2009). In 2019, he contributed to the exhibition Nous les Arbres, presented at the Foundation Cartier pour l’art contemporain in Paris. 

Duration: 60 minutes without interval

The Playbill

Lo sguardo delle piante
with Emanuele Coccia
readings by Arianna Scommegna

Single seat € 5

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