Pane o libertà

Duration: 80 minutes without interval

Following his performances this summer at the Chiostro and Milanese Municipal buildings, Paolo Rossi returns to the Strehler with Pane o libertà. Su la testa, a show that unites stand-up comedy, Commedia dell’Arte and Greek comedy to create a prototype for an alternative form of theatre; a project created with the Teatro Stabile of Bolzano that aims to be a form of theatre with high social value.

“I got the title Pane o libertà (Bread or freedom) from a book - explains Paolo Rossi -. I find it very significant, as it presents a choice between eating, living or having freedom”. The subtitle, Su la testa (heads up) was coined by the actor in 1992 for the programme that saw him crowned “the most rock of all Italian comedians”.

Together with the musicians Emanuele Dell’Aquila, Alex Orciari and Stefano Bembi, who make up the band Anciens Prodiges, Paolo Rossi leads the audience on a journey that begins with the archetypical figure of Harlequin (“who had a return ticket for the afterlife”) to reach what could be considered as his evolution, or rather a popular entertainer capable of ranging from the stalls to cabaret.

“Playing with the illusion of placing me on the stage - or on whatever we use as such according to need - both as an actor, as a character and as a person, I will re-evoke my lucid dreams made up of stories that are a help in resisting, in choosing between bread and freedom, or even of not choosing at all - continues Rossi -. These are stories of artists who I have been fortunate enough to encounter in real life. The maestros Jannacci, Gaber, De André,and Fo, and even the ghost of Callas, as well as the comedians from the Derby and other lesser-known people. I will speak about these phantasmagoric and poetic figures, figures that cannot be controlled by any small or big brother, who provide comfort and ideas for resistance and hope. I would like to do something that provides my comicality with an escape route to a social form of theatre, characterised by the poetry of the funny and the magical. The bare minimum. Just enough to boost the immune systems of the spectators present... or less”.

Piccolo Teatro Strehler
from 13 to 25 October 2020
Pane o libertà
Su la testa

by and with Paolo Rossi
live music Emanuele Dell’Aquila, Alex Orciari, Stefano Bembi
a Teatro Stabile di Bolzano / Teatro Stabile del Veneto​ coproduction

Stalls: Full price € 33
Balcony: Full price € 26

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