Milano Flamenco Festival 2022

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In 2022, the Milan Flamenco Festival is celebrating the 15th year of programming; a special milestone, which sees the consolidation of the Festival as a unique and essential event in the city of Milan’s international programme. 

Piccolo Teatro Strehler

In 2022, the Milan Flamenco Festival is celebrating 15 years of programming with a specific goal; to move, amaze, inspire and construct. FUTURO DENTRO (future inside) is the common thread that binds the three shows that is taking place on 20, 22 and 24 June on the stage of the Teatro Strehler. In this vision/sensation of the future, there is space for a form of flamenco with a different character, one that is seeking to establish itself as an art among the arts, to boldly express its power and potential and aim right for the spectator; research and combination with contemporary gesturality, dialogue with electronic music, and scenographic innovation, all with a view to conquering dynamics that place flamenco in a different light without robbing it of its essence. 
On 24 June, Eva Yerbabuena, an icon of contemporary flamenco and winner of the Premio Nacional de danza, is presenting D’MADRUGA, a tribute to the late Enrique Morente, an international artist who, through extensive and detailed research, revolutionised cante and flamenco music between the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first; the same research undertaken in parallel though Eva Yerbabuena’s dance, underlining the fact that the future also exists in the present.
It is a performance that resonates with pure emotion, and in which Yerbabuena lends body to the voice of the maestro with her distinctive elegance, mastery and personality. Linked by their native Granada, a marked artistic edginess and devotion to their art, each artists’ research has led them to be considered forerunners of modern flamenco in their respective fields. The past, present and future has shaped them. 

Es que a veces hay que molestar porque si no solo somos molestados.
Enrique Morente 

To complete this journey, and return to the point of origin, all I had to do was close my eyes and open my soul without restraint, in order to be able to breathe through his unmistakable voice, which leads me to unusual destinations, to the limits of freedom, leaving fear behind.
Eva Yerbabuena

Duration: 80 minutes without interval

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Milano Flamenco Festival 2022 - 15th edition

Milano Flamenco Festival is an event organised by Punto Flamenco AC under the artistic direction of Mariarosaria Mottola, the support of the Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte de España – Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y la Música (INAEM) and the collaboration of the Ente Spagnolo del Turismo, Oficina Cultural Embajada de España

Eva Yerbabuena Company

baile Eva Yerbabuena
guitar Paco Jarana
cante Alfredo Tejada, Segundo Falcón, Miguel Ortega
special vocal collaborator Encarna Anillo
percussion Antonio Coronel

Organisation and artistic direction: Mariarosaria Mottola for Punto Flamenco 

Category of performance International Hosted Shows
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Balcony full price € 33 | Discounted (Under 26 and over 65) € 26

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