Dove inizia la notte

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Stefano Massini imagines a clash between Hannah Arendt and Adolf Eichmann, played by Ottavia Piccolo and Paolo Pierobon. A step-by-step reconstruction of a career and rise in power, presenting the portrait of a mediocre and opportunistic social climber. The conclusion is a disturbing possibility; Eichmann is not a monster; he is a frighteningly normal man.

Piccolo Teatro Grassi

The new one-act play by Stefano Massini stages an imaginary encounter between Hannah Arendt and Adolf Eichmann. Who was Eichmann really? What type of personality lay behind the Nazi uniform of the man that created the Final Solution and organised the details for the massacre of six million Jews? Massini tries to answer this question in the stageplay that he has based on the writings by the Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt, the transcripts of interrogations that took place in Jerusalem - where Eichmann was put on trial following his arrest in Argentina in 1960 - and from the documentation regarding the trial. Directed by Mauro Avogadro, Ottavia Piccolo and Paolo Pierobon, in the roles of Arendt and Eichmann, provide a step-by-step reconstruction of the career and rise of the official, painting the portrait of a mediocre and opportunistic social climber, thus presenting the  unsettling possibility Eichmann is not a monster, but rather a frighteningly normal man. It is here that evil takes shape in the most common and unsuspecting human narrow-mindedness.

Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes without interval

The Playbill

Dove inizia la notte

by Stefano Massini
with Ottavia Piccolo and Paolo Pierobon
directed by Mauro Avogadro
sets Marco Rossi
costumes Giovanna Buzzi
music Gioacchino Balistreri
lighting Michelangelo Vitullo
a Teatro Stabile di Bolzano / Teatro Stabile del Veneto production

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