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Milo Rau returns to the Piccolo with a new play, the result of research carried out together with the actress Ursina Lardi and destined to stir up profound questions from within the spectators; what remains, what has true value, when our lives end?

Piccolo Teatro Strehler

What remains, what has true value, when our lives end? In Everywoman, a successful actress meets a woman who has been diagnosed with an incurable disease and who, as her last wish before dying, wants to perform in a theatrical play for one last time. Based on the 15th century allegorical moral play Jedermann (Everyman)morality play, the celebration of a just lifestyle and a process of redemption based on faith, the play is an intimate conversation on the past and the future, on life, death, solitude and community.

Following on from Mitleid. Die Geschichte des Maschinengewehrs (Compassion. The history of the machine gun), for which the duo travelled together in the Congo, and following the production LENIN, in which, taking their cue from the last two weeks of the Russian revolutionary's life, they conducted an intense analysis of 20th century utopias, with Everywoman, Milo Rau and Ursina Lardi have conducted philosophical and existential research. What is death? Why must we face this final trial alone? Why is there nothing new to say about death, as the script reads? And lastly, what could be the human and artistic response to the scandal of our common mortality?

Duration: 80 minutes without interval

The Playbill

written by Carmen Hornbostel, Christian Tschirner
directed by Milo Rau
sets and costumes Anton Lukas
video Moritz von Dungern
sound Jens Baudisch
lighting Erich Schneider
with Ursina Lardi, Helga Bedau (in video)
Schaubühne, Berlin production
in coproduction with the Salzburg Festival

Category of performance Piccolo Festival
Stalls full price € 40 | Discounted (under 26 and over 65) € 23
Balcony full price € 32 | Discounted (Under 26 and over 65) € 20

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