Duration: 100 minutes with one interval

For the traditional Christmas appointment, the Carlo Colla & Figli Company is presenting a new play: Pinocchio, based on The adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi, a masterpiece of children’s literature, a novel about growing up as well as a fairy tale.
The version “for puppets”, the result of an idea by Eugenio Monti Colla, has a brand-new script and originally composed music, as well as puppets, sets, costumes and equipment Born created by the Company’s own internal artisan workshops. In all there will be 150 characters on stage.

“The Carlo Colla & Figli Company’s puppets - a director’s note reads - which have already featured in the television adaptation directed by Luigi Comencini, are now performing The adventures of Pinocchio, rightfully respecting the novel but also with a certain critical aspect, the ability to create illusions and a world of enchantment which will once again astound audiences of all ages”. The wooden actors, in different shapes and sizes, their gestures and the evocative strength they carry, aided by the historical voices that have for years been giving a voice to these little characters and the music that often provides the setting, will seek to lead the audience into a kind of popular ballad that is gentle but has, at times, a bitter edge to it, bringing forth the poetic aspects of the novel and creating a story that blends fantasy and traditional wisdom”.

based on the novel “The adventures of Pinoccio” by Carlo Collodi
abridged for puppets based on notes by Eugenio Monti Colla
original score Danilo Lorenzini
scupltures, sets and lighting Franco Citterio
costumes Cecilia Di Marco and Maria Grazia Citterio created by the Company tailoring workshop
 Franco Citterio, Maria Grazia Citterio, Piero Corbella, Camillo Cosulich, Debora Coviello, Carlo Decio, Cecilia Di Marco, Tiziano Marcolegio, Pietro Monti, Giovanni Schiavolin, Paolo Sette
apprentice puppeteers Veronica Lattuada, Michela Mantegazza
voices Loredana Alfieri, Marco Balbi, Roberto Carusi, Maria Grazia Citterio, Piero Corbella, Carlo Decio, Teresa Martino, Lisa Mazzotti, Riccardo Peroni, Roberto Pompili, Gianni Quillico, Franco Sangermano, Giovanni Schiavolin, Lorenzo Schiavolin, Paolo Sette
voice coordination Lisa Mazzotti
musical coordination Danilo Lorenzini e Luca Volontè
Music published by Fiando Musica
Fiando Ensemble:
Riccardo Acciarino, Francesca Gelfi: clarinets;
Francesco Albertini, Alfredo Altomare: bassoon;
Daniele Moretto: trumpet;
Luca Esposito: piano;
Alessandro Giulini: accordion;
Andrea Tempesta: guitar;
Daniele Sozzani Desperati: technical sound director Paolo Sportelli – Il Borgo della Musica, Milan
technical director Tiziano Marcolegio
directed by Franco Citterio and Giovanni Schiavolin
Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa
Comune di Milano – Teatro Convenzionato
NEXT Laboratorio delle idee – Regione Lombardia co-production

Category of performance Guest
Stalls full price € 25 | Discounted (under 26 and over 65) € 17 | Children € 10
Balcony full price € 22 | Discounted (Under 26 and over 65) € 15 | Children € 10

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