Re Lear

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Glauco Mauri and Roberto Sturno take on King Lear, the most Titanic of Shakespeare’s tragedies, described by the director Andrea Baracco as “one of the darkest and in some ways the most enigmatic”. Glauco Mauri, playing Lear for the third time, explains: “Lear demands not only the techniques developed over time, but also the human richness that I have gained over years of, at times wearing, study.

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Over the course of his long artistic career, Glauco Mauri has played twenty-four Shakespearean characters. Directed by Andrea Baracco, this is his third time performing King Lear, the most Titanic of the Bard’s tragedies, a drama that examines the love between a father and son, and madness.

“Here I am again, for the third time, at my venerable age, playing Lear - he says -. I have never felt to be worthy of this sublime melting pot of humanity. In this difficult task of mine, I am convinced that trying to play Lear demand not only the techniques developed over time, but also the human great richness that I have gained over years of, at times wearing, study. I can only hope that the magical setting of the stage can come to the aid of our limitations. What is more poetically suited to representing life than a stage? In King Lear, life itself needs to become theatre in order to find expression”.

According to the director: “The thing that has always struck me about this tragedy, one of the darkest and, in some ways, the most enigmatic of those of the English writer, is that beneath this darkness, something of incredible brightness seems to shine, and it is this light, smothered by the shadows, that renders it all so fascinating. Unworthy fathers and inept children, unworthy fathers that have raised inept children, their mothers absent and excluded from the drama. None of the characters are capable of reigning, of taking power. None of them appear to be of suitable stature, no head seems to be the right size for the crown, either due to excess, as is the case of Lear, or for shortcomings, as is the case with all the others. In this universe created by Shakespeare, they are all giants or dwarves”.

Duration: 2 hours and 50 minutes including 1 interval

The Playbill

Re Lear

by William Shakespeare
translated by Letizia Russo, abridged and adapted by Andrea Baracco and Glauco Mauri
sets and costumes Marta Crisolini Malatesta
music Giacomo Vezzani, Vanja Sturno
lighting Umile Vainieri
directed by Andrea Baracco
with Glauco Mauri Roberto Sturno 
and with Marco Blanchi, Eva Cambiale, Dario Cantarelli, Melania Genna, Francesco Martucci, Laurence Mazzoni, Woody Neri, Giulio Petushi, Emilia Scarpati Fanetti, Francesco Sferrazza Papa
a Compagnia Mauri Sturno – Fondazione Teatro della Toscana production

Roberto Sturno is replaced by Marco Blanchi during the plays of 13 and 14 April 

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Balcony full price € 26 | Discounted (Under 26 and over 65) € 18

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