Se dicessimo la verità | Ultimo capitolo

Touring production

For the last ten years, the play-debate on legality by Minoli Giorndano has travelled the country to tell the story of resistance and the fight against organised crime, in collaboration with universities and associations that govern the local areas. “Theatre - explain the authors - does not provide life lessons or offer easy solutions, but rather stimuli and opportunities for growth and reflection”.

Piccolo Teatro Grassi

The return to the stage of the work-debate on legality that made its debut during the 2011 season at the San Carlo Theatre in Naples and came to the Piccolo Teatro in 2017, where it once again underwent a narrative transformation in collaboration with the University of Milan and in particular with the Course on the Sociology of Organised crime held by Nando alla Chiesa.

After so many stories told, the theatrical form has modified thanks to a narration characterised by the need to understand our near future, threatened by a disillusion which leaves even more space for criminal power, to the “practice” of corruption as a way of living. “Unfortunately, we can no longer speak only of “criminal infiltration” - explain the authors - but of “complicity with crime”, of “criminal practice” which we are becoming accustomed to, with distracted responsibility. The theatre neither provides lessons on how to live, nor does it offer easy solutions, it offers stimuli and an opportunity to understand and reflect, this is what we are trying to do, with conviction, thinking above all of the young. And we are addressing the young with a work which we are, at the same time, carrying out in schools throughout Italy, in order to ensure that the play is not only an isolated event, but a part of a journey to discover themes which are fundamental for our growth”.

As time passes, the text of the play is enhanced with stories from the region in which it is being staged. Research and writing took place in collaboration with university partners: CROSS-Observatory on Ordengsi, LARCO-Laboratory for analysis and research into organised crime - University of Turin, University of Pisa - Master in the Analysis, prevention and contrasting of organised crime and corruption, University of Bologna - master in the management and reuse of assets and companies confiscated from the mafia. Recommended for viewers of 12 years and over to ensure a sufficient understanding of the themes examined.

Duration: 60 minuti

The Playbill

Se dicessimo la verità – Ultimo capitolo

based on an idea by Giulia Minoli
written by Emanuela Giordano and Giulia Minoli
directed by Emanuela Giordano
original music Tommaso Di Giulio
assistant director Tania Ciletti
with Daria D’Aloia, Giuseppe Gaudino, Domenico Macrì, Valentina Minzoni with Tommaso Di Giulio on the guitar and Paolo Volpini on drums
a Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa and Centro Teatrale Bresciano production
SE DICESSIMO LA VERITA’ – Ultimo capitolo forms an integral part of Il Palcoscenico della legalità
a project by CCO - Crisis as an Opportunity promoted by CROSS - Observatory on Orgsanised crime, LARCO- Analysis and research laboratory on Organised Crime - University of Turin, Pol.i.s Foundation, Falcone Foundation, Centro Studi Paolo Borsellino, public call for tender.. Local and Regional organisations for civil education to combat the mafia; Silvia Ruotolo, AddioPizzo, DaSus, and the non-profit Giancarlo Siani Foundation.
In collaboration with the University of Pisa - master in Analysis, prevention and combating organised crime and corruption, the University of Bologna - master in the Management and reuse of assets and companies confiscated from the mafia.

Category of performance Piccolo Production
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