Tavola tavola, chiodo chiodo...

Duration: 100 minutes without interval

During the pandemic, there were many thoughts expressed regarding the world of entertainment and its fate. “In this period - writes Musella - I have often sought refuge in the words of the great poets, writers and philosophers, in search of comfort, inspiration or even to even to find answers to our present times. This led to the desire to rediscover Eduardo, theatrical company leader, and what slowly emerged was a portrait of an artist not solely tied to the beauty of his works, but rather to his tireless Don Quixote-esque battles, with their victories and defeats.
Tommaso De Filippo - who manages the cultural patrimony of the family - has lent his support to Lino Musella in his research into the memories of Eduardo, with the desire to strongly encourage dialogue between generations on stage. The actor will therefore be lending body and voice to the words from letters addressed to Institutions, the speech to the Senate, notes and the papers related to the exhausting work for the Teatro San Ferdinando.
“I am part of a generation born amongst the rubble of the great Theatre, and my only choice is perhaps to choose whether to succumb in the midst of countless difficulties of try, piece by piece, to build a possibility for the future, as suggested critically by those words - inscribed on a tombstone in Eduardo’s theatre - that in reality suggest energetic and continuous action. This great artist - continues Musella - is constantly striving to make himself heard by politicians and Institutions, and he often fails, in some way just like it is for us nowadays, but even from afar he never fails to raise his soft and resounding voice”.

Tavola tavola, chiodo chiodo...
a project by Lino Musella and Tommaso De Filippo
based on notes, articles, correspondence and papers by Eduardo De Filippo
a play by and with Lino Musella
live music Marco Vidino  
sets Paola Castrignanò
light design Pietro Sperduti
sound Marco D’Ambrosio
historical research Maria Procino
dramaturgy collaboration Antonio Piccolo
director’s assistant Melissa Di Genova
costumes Sara Marino
photography Mario Spada
an Elledieffe, Teatro di Napoli - Teatro Nazionale production

Category of performance Guest
Stalls full price € 33 | Discounted (under 26 and over 65) € 21
Balcony full price € 26 | Discounted (Under 26 and over 65) € 18

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