Tramedautore | Alla festa di Romeo e Giulietta

Touring production

Benedetto Sicca joins Emanuele D’Errico for a joint writing project, with Alla festa di Romeo e Giulietta.

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato

In Romeo and Juliet every celebration ends with a funeral. The party where the two lovers meet for the first time leads to the funeral of Mercutio; the reception for the (cancelled) wedding between Juliet and Paris ends with the funerals of Romeo and Juliet. A circular play/celebration, during which the events from the Shakespearean tragedy allow the spectators/guests to join us in examining the important themes in the work; hedonism and nihilism, gratuitous hatred of those who are different, and the central value of friendship as a cornerstone of individuality. The question that we ask ourselves and our guests is: what does all of this have to do with love?

The Playbill

Alla festa di Romeo e Giulietta
by D’Errico/Sicca/Shakespeare
directed by Benedetto Sicca
with Francesco Aricò, Clara Bocchino, Marialuisa Bosso, Emanuele D’Errico, Teresa Raiano, Francesco Roccasecca, Dario Rea
scenography Luigi Ferrigno
costumes Giuseppe Avallone
lighting design Luigi della Monica
music and live sets Tommy Grieco
director’s assistant Sara Palmieri
scenography assistant Rosita Vallefuoco
assistant costumist Mariacarmen Falanga
a Tradizione e Turismo - Putéca Celidònia production

Single seat € 10 / € 5

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