Anatomia di un suicidio

Touring production
©Masiar Pasquali

“When a wolf dies, the pack may fall apart”. A mother, a daughter, a grandchild. Three generations, a fresco for eleven actors simultaneously on stage, in a dizzying examination of love, heredity and reproduction. Three temporal movements that pass on traces, desires, hopes, intentions and questions. A single female that, like a spell, is bound to life with the finest of threads. 

Piccolo Teatro Grassi

Wolves. They move northwards. In packs. They cover great
distances. All together. They eat. A huge amount. When a
wolf dies, the pack may fall apart.


A mother, a daughter, a grandchild. Three generations on stage all at once. A single female that, like a spell, is bound to life with the finest of threads, which moves through dark and salty waters infested with the projections, desires and loves of others and that finds itself through sudden encounters, in the beauty of an orchard, in all that is aquatic and submerged. In the midst of chaos, where order is impossible, the women communicate through time and their words echo through a fault line, in the house in which intentions, hopes and questions are handed down and inherited.  Staged for the first time in Italy, Anatomia di un suicidio by the thirty-year-old British playwright Alice Birch, winner with this work of the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, gradually reveals, through a score divided into three simultaneous scenes, the actions of the three women and the relationships that bind them through a series of waves; when one narrative line is active, the other two - which can be seen simultaneously - act as counterpoints; the fruit or the matrix. Thus, the masterful temporal framework that bonds the characters, their resistance or surrendering to a drive towards death that shines in their lives and in every encounter, is shown as a dark family and historical legacy that is purely feminine. Words, actions, objects and images repeat like choruses and signs. In the midst of this exciting and dangerous form of synchrony, the spectator uncovers relationships that stretch over time and space - in a mnemonic and somatic dance - between relationships, bodies, clashes and driving forces. 
An ensemble work for eleven actors who pose themselves the question; what does it mean to live? What does choosing to live entail? When does one truly die? Can reproduction be freed from its role as a conservatory process? Reproduction means creating offspring, nurturing, creating chaos and trauma, but it also means creating oneself in environments, through choices and plans. Knowing how to break away from a pre-constructed order to escape the world as it is - both socially and morally - leads us to exist. It leads us to examine certain consequences of western life regarding the family and the scandal of death, understanding that we need to go alone, that each and every one of our actions is part of a lifeline, but that they do not create situations, they create simple precedents - in the magnificently legal sense of the term.


The fishing line is gone. The hook is gone. The teapot is gone. The milk
is gone. The water is gone. The light is gone. Ciao. Stop. Stop it. The blue
piece. The red piece. The cold piece. The silent piece. The anchor
is gone.

Duration: 3 hours including a 15’ interval (first act: 65’ | second act: 100’)

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Anatomia di un suicidio
by Alice Birch
a project by lacasadargilla
directed by Lisa Ferlazzo Natoli and Alessandro Ferroni 
translated by Margherita Mauro
sets Marco Rossi
costumes Anna Missaglia
light design Luigi Biondi
soundscapes Alessandro Ferroni
sound design Pasquale Citera
video design and content curating Maddalena Parise 
movements dramaturgy Marta Ciappina
with (in alphabetical order) Caterina Carpio, Marco Cavalcoli, Lorenzo Frediani, Tania Garribba, Fortunato Leccese, Anna Mallamaci, Alice Palazzi, Federica Rosellini, Camilla Semino Favro, Petra Valentini, Francesco Villano and with Anita Leon Franceschi
a Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa production



Category of performance Piccolo Production
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Balcony full price € 32 | Discounted (under 26 and over 65) € 20

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