Cirano deve morire

Touring production
©Andrea Avezzù

Deceit and death, loyalty to others and betrayal of oneself, words that seduce and silences that kill. The extraordinary story of love and friendship in Cyrano de Bergerac rediscovers all its poetic strength and contemporary nature thanks to the dense power of rap. 

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato

A rewriting for three actors of Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand. A concert-play with text and original live music that transforms the late 19th century poem into powerful rap. Cutting rhymes and crazed rhythms are perfect for studying the theme of pretence through the story of one of the most famous love triangles in the history of theatre; it is the story of two friends and the women that they both fall in love with; three young people just like the young Paola Giannini, Alessandro Bay Rossi and Giusto Cucchiarini who have been called on to play the three roles. Cirano deve morire recovers the poetic strength of the original text through the rhymes and rhythms of rap, a choice made necessary - according to the director - not only to express the heroism and the polemic verve of the lead role, but also to render the word of love contemporary and authentic, thus staying true to Rostand. Leonardo Manzan, born in Rome in 1992 and trained in Milan, was one of the emerging talents from the Theatrical Biennnial organised by Antonio Latella, who had this to say about him during the presentation of the award presented in Venice: “Manzan has had the courage to expose himself to risk. He has demonstrated to be ready to cross the line that marks the boundary of the safety zone and venture into hazardous places that are never reassuring or obvious”: The tight-knit and well-calibrated team also includes Rocco Placidi, who assisted the director in the dramaturgy.

Duration: 90’ without interval

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The Playbill

Cirano deve morire
based on Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand 
adaptation by Leonardo Manzan, Rocco Placidi
directed by Leonardo Manzan
with Paola Giannini, Alessandro Bay Rossi, Giusto Cucchiarini 
original music by Franco Visioli and Alessandro Levrero
performed live by Filippo Lilli
lighting Simone De Angelis, performed by Giuseppe Incurvati
sets Giuseppe Stellato
costumes Graziella Pepe
a Venice Biennial production as part of the Biennale College Teatro – Directors Under 30 project with the artistic direction of Antonio Latella
new 2022 staging production La Fabbrica dell’Attore - Teatro Vascello, Elledieffe, Fondazione Teatro della Toscana
winner of the Biennial College competition organised by the 2018 Venice Theatrical Biennial.
Stroboscopic lighting are used during the play



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