Breve storia del XX secolo

Touring production
©2023 Luca A. D'Agostino / Phocus Agency

A series of scraps, shreds and flashes from a century of European history, dense rather than brief; enthusiasm, tragedy, leaps forward, brutality, sarcasm and war... A story of a thousand stories, into which Lino Guanciale leaps, wrapped in the fragments of music from the accordion of Marko Hatlak.

Piccolo Teatro Grassi

Like a reporter from another planet, or from the future, who has come to collect scraps of European civilisation in the most contradictory of its centuries, Patrik Ourednik looks back at the twentieth century with Europeana, offhandedly passing from the use of gas in the trenches during the Great War to the invention of the bra, from the Normandy landings to the appearance of the refrigerator and the hair-drier. He thus creates the story of our recent past, terrible yet fun, incredible and simple, where exceptionality and frivolity all find a place.
Conversing with the accordion played by the Slovenian Marko Hatlak, Lino Guanciale transforms Ourednik’s flood of events and stories into a sentence that spans the play, leaping suddenly from tragedy to farce and vice versa.
“There are things that all happened at the same time – stresses Guanciale – here are leaps back and forth in time, throughout the century, which is thus retraced various times, re-examining the same years from different points of view. Yet this incessant movement is part of a single story; as with a sentence, one passes from the first to the last word, drawing in various points of digression; with the result that in the end, Europeana presents a long and diachronic excursus of the last century. It is in this complex and syncopated linguistic construction that an actor finds the basis of their action and the potential to stage a rich dialogue between acting and music”.


Duration: 80’ without interval

The Playbill

Breve storia del XX secolo

by Patrik Ourednik © 2001 Patrik Ourednik
translation Andrea Libero Carbone © 2017 Quodlibet srl
directed and performed by Lino Guanciale
live music by Marko Hatlak, accordion
costumes and props Gianluca Sbicca
lighting Carlo Pediani
a Wrong Child Production and Mittelfest2021 coproduction
in collaboration with the Ljubljana Festival



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