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A total-theatre experience, a journey through the world of Hamlet a tragedy of black and white, of father and mother, “human invention” and summa of theatre itself. Antonio Latella invites spectators to enter a dimension of the text that “always suggests something that could be, yet is not”.

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato

Ten actors of different ages, background and origin, a translation by Federico Bellini that expresses all of the nuances of the original, a set that forms an integral part of the dramaturgy; winner of the 2021 Ubu Award for best play, Antonio Latella’s Hamlet, now in its second season at the Piccolo, is a total-theatre experience; bolstered by the fascinating space of the Teatro Studio Melato, it accompanies the audience on a journey to explore the words of Shakespeare and its most hidden aspects.
“Directing Hamlet means facing up to the work of “failure”. When working on it, one is aware of not possessing it entirely”. It is a “study” piece, allowing one to examine themselves and their own work. Hamlet is completely different at every stage in life”. Winner of the Ubu 2021 award for best actress under the age of 35, Federica Rosellini is a performer that – Latella continues – “has the artistic gift of ambiguity and doubt. For me, the Hamlet of the 21st century goes beyond sexuality, beyond the distinction between woman and man, moving to an alternative condition: in the classics, the words have no genitals, they are of such a higher level as to make a difference. What makes this production special is the suggestion to the audience to try not only to watch, but also to listen, together, to every single word in the text”.


Duration: first part 210 minutes, including a 20 minutes interval | second part 125 minutes, including a 15 minutes interval | complete version 6 hours and 35 minutes, including two intervals and an hour's break between the first and second part

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by William Shakespeare
translation Federico Bellini
dramaturgy Linda Dalisi
directed by Antonio Latella
sets Giuseppe Stellato
costumes Graziella Pepe
lighting Simone De Angelis
music and sound Franco Visioli
with (in alphabetical order) Anna Coppola, Francesca Cutolo, Flaminia Cuzzoli, Michelangelo Dalisi/Marco Cacciola, Ludovico Fededegni, Francesco Manetti, Fabio Pasquini, Stefano Patti, Federica Rosellini, Andrea Sorrentino
artistic project assistant Brunella Giolivo
assistant director Paolo Costantini
a Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa production

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The show is divided into two parts that can be seen on a single date, when the show is represented in its entirety, or on two dates one week apart

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First part 210 minutes, including a 20 minutes interval
Second part 125 minutes, including a 15 minutes interval
Complete version 6 hours and 35 minutes, including two intervals and an hour's break between the first and second part

Category of performance Piccolo Production
Stalls full price € 40 | Discounted (under 26 and over 65) € 23
Balcony full price € 32 | Discounted (Under 26 and over 65) € 20
Viewing over two days entails the purchase of both dates at the cost of a single ticket

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