Il sogno di un uomo ridicolo

Touring production
©Filippo Manzini
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“I am a ridiculous man. Now they say I am crazy. This would be an improvement if it were not for the fact that, for them, I am as ridiculous as I was before”. Gabriele Lavia returns to Dostoevsky’s most disturbing play, the paradoxical story of a man who, having decided to kill himself, dreams of his life after death.

Piccolo Teatro Strehler

A man derided by all and constantly on the margins of society, decides to kill himself. He sits in an armchair next to his desk, opens a drawer and pulls out a gun. But suddenly, he falls asleep, and begins to dream of his life after death, on a planet very similar to Earth and inhabited by splendid beings not yet corrupted “by the first fall, the first sin”.
“In my life in the theatre – said Gabriele Lavia – I have adapted and staged a number of Dostoevsky’s works: A gentle creature, Notes from underground, The eternal husband and The dream of a ridiculous man. The dream has accompanied me since I was eighteen, when I read it for the first time to my closest friends. Then Gian Carlo Menotti wanted it staged at Spoleto. It was a great success, and the Teatro Eliseo called for it to be part of their season, and again it was a success. Then I took it on a long tour with one of my companies, and performed it over and over, also as a recital, with just a chair. I was asked to film it for TV, and it won first prize for best theatrical work adapted for television. I then took it for another long tour. It is the work I have staged more than any other in my life, more than Hamlet. It is certainly the most difficult play I have every performed, and I had sworn I would have never done it again... considering my age. But I couldn’t say no to the theatre that carries the name of Strehler. And so, I dug out my old straitjacket, which I never thought I would ever wear again, to dedicate this Dream to the great Maestro. But I am happy”.

Duration: 80’ without interval

The Playbill

Il sogno di un uomo ridicolo
by Fyodor Dostoevsky
translation and adaptation by Gabriele Lavia
directed by Gabriele Lavia
with Gabriele Lavia, Lorenzo Terenzi
lights Giuseppe Filipponio
sound Riccardo Benassi
an Effimera production

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