La mia vita raccontata male

Touring production
©Marina Alessi

Claudio Bisio draws on the literary work of Francesco Piccolo for his bitter-sweet journey through public and private life, and through fact and fiction. From the first moments of insignificant happiness to the sometimes mistaken and often tragically comical decisions: “like Mikado sticks – if I remove my least favourite part of life, I would also lose what I like the most”.

Piccolo Teatro Strehler

Part novel about growing up, part entertaining yet sorrowful biography, part catalogue of the pits, falls and joys of living, La mia vita raccontata male is a reminder that, while it is true that it takes a lifetime for us to become ourselves, when we look back, in our wake is a swathe of decisions, guesses, moments, bolts from the blue and mistakes, often tragically comical or paradoxical. Drawing on the literary works of Francesco Piccolo, the play takes the form of a sequence of accounts and situations that, bit by bit, make up a life that is a reflection of us all. From the first love to the Kessler twins, from the world of football to politics, from emotional growth to the family and fatherhood, from the carefree Italy of yesterday to the unbalanced country of today, to the professional and artistic choices that involve Bertolt Brecht and Mara Venier; the show, which takes the form of a continuous, deceiving and extremely entertaining back and forth between public and private life, reality and fiction, uses music and words to “badly” express everything that, either by choice or by chance, makes us what we are.
The message that comes from this bitter-sweet journey through the life of the protagonist is that life is more what we remember than what we actually experience. Often, we don’t even live the life that we want, but rather the life that we are given. In the midst of this amazing tapestry is Claudio Bisio, accompanied by two exceptional musicians, creating a score that is moving and profound, but also joyfully superficial, personal, idealistic, civil and ethical.

Duration: 80’ without interval

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The Playbill

La mia vita raccontata male
by Francesco Piccolo
with Claudio Bisio
and the musicians Marco Bianchi and Pietro Guarracino
music Paolo Silvestri
sets and costumes Guido Fiorato
lighting Aldo Mantovani
directed by Giorgio Gallione
a Teatro Nazionale di Genova production



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