Le memorie di Ivan Karamazov

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One of the most important figures in Italian theatre returns to lend his voice to Ivan Karamazov, one of the most complex and tormented characters in literature. As in a psychological and moral thriller, suspended between guilt and innocence, between crime and punishment, Umberto Orsini returns to his adored Dostoevsky.

Piccolo Teatro Grassi

For the third time in his acting career, Umberto Orsini takes on the last – and perhaps the greatest – of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novels: The Brothers Karamazov. Following the success of the television production by Bolchi and the recent La leggenda del grande inquisitore, Orsini takes on the complexity of the most controversial and tormented character in literature; Ivan Karamazov, the free thinker who theorised on the amorality of the world and led - perhaps knowingly – to the murder of his father.
Both guilty and innocent, Ivan Karamazov speaks again, as a now-mature man who feels he has not yet completed his task and, feeling that his character in the novel is too limited to be able to express the complexity of this thoughts, attempts to clarify the exact dynamics of the “crimes” and the “punishments”. Forty years on from the events presented by Dostoevsky, he compiles his memoirs and tries to shed light on his own feelings and his personal philosophy, attempting to reveal the criminal implications, just like in a true psychological and moral thriller.
With the richness of a language that is as penetrating as it is immediate, and in the examination of the psychological states of an “Hamletic” and impregnable character, Umberto Orsini is the lead character in a never-before-seen journey into the human consciousness; a harrowing and moving face-to-face confession with himself and his demons.

Duration: 75’ without interval

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The Playbill

Le memorie di Ivan Karamazov
based on The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor M. Dostoevsky
dramaturgy by Umberto Orsini and Luca Micheletti
directed by Luca Micheletti
with Umberto Orsini
sets Giacomo Andrico
costumes Daniele Gelsi
sound Alessandro Saviozzi
lighting Carlo Pediani
direction assistant Francesco Martucci
an Umberto Orsini Company production



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