Mujer de pie

Milano Flamenco Festival 2022 / Autumn

Touring production
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Two singers and two dancers, each with their own particular background, sharing their bodies and their experience to create a form of communication in a common space in which experimental music, flamenco, dance, presence and maturity speak of the idea of reinventing oneself to re-emerge, to remain, to celebrate life, and to be present – continuing to exist.
Piccolo Teatro Strehler

Following the performances in June, the Autumn appointment with the Milano Flamenco Festival returns with Mujer de pie, inspired by the homonymous work by the philosopher and writer Chantal Maillard. 
Sara Cano, in her relentless development of her personal form of expression, reflects on the tenacity of life, on the battle in defence of ideals and the pursuit of one’s own goals, regardless of the obstacles set by predominant standards or the social difficulties of womanhood. A creative woman in a world designed by and for men. A fight for resistance.
«As the writer and poet Ledo Ivo said: “Here I am, awaiting the silence”. But – explains the choreographer – this is no requiem. It is no song of death, but rather a celebration of life. A celebration of life that, despite its losses – some daily, others transcendent, continues to flow, like a small spring of water that carves its own path. Here I am, carving my path, looking for a breach, seeking the abyss... Seeking, always seeking».

Duration: 60’ without interval

The Playbill

Mujer de pie
Milano Flamenco Festival 2022 | Autumn 
directed by Sara Cano
choreographed and performed by Sara Cano, Ricardo Moro
dramaturgy consultant Kai Alejandrx
original music by Alexei Starodubtsev, Alberto Funes
cante Alberto Funes, Al Blanco
words Chantal Maillard and Michèle Najlis
lighting design Irene Cantero
costumes Dolores Durán, Lourdes Bergada, Adolfo Dominguez
a Sara Cano Compañía de Danza, Comunidad de Madrid production
artistic direction Maria Rosaria Mottola for Punto Flamenco
with thanks to the Instituto Cervantes for their collaboration 

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