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If you are 18 years old, you may apply for a voucher worth € 500 to spend in cultural activities, using your credit to purchase tickets and subscriptions.

How to use your credit:

  • Go to the website, to the page crea buono.

  • Choose the Piccolo Teatro as the company/legal entity.

  • Create a voucher for each individual ticket/subscription, entering the relative cost of the product you want to purchase.

  • If you would like to purchase by phone, send the voucher, together with a copy of your identity document, to, and then call our box office line on +39 02 21126116 to complete the purchase.

  • If you would like to purchase from the Teatro Strehler box office, you will need to provide the full printed voucher; you will be asked to provide an identity document.

  • Purchases with vouchers can only be made during pre-sale times; it is not possible to purchase tickets in the hour before the start of the performance

For further information, visit the website or contact us by writing to

Before purchasing, please read the following rules regarding the use of your credit: 

Vouchers are personal and non-transferable, neither are the tickets or the subscriptions they have been purchased with; always bring an identity document with you when you come to see the performance, as you may be asked to show it at the entrance. Please remember that it is forbidden to transfer either the vouchers generated or the products purchased to others; it is also forbidden to monetise the value of the vouchers generated or the products purchased in any way. 

It is not possible to purchase more than one subscription of the current season, or more than one ticket per performance, not even through a subsequent transaction, or to purchase a ticket for a performance for which a subscription has already been used. Online promotions are not applicable when purchasing tickets with 18app

Please check the prices of the subscriptions or the performances that you are interested in before generating your voucher: a voucher of a value lower or higher that the price of the product that you would like to purchase cannot be either supplemented or reimbursed, but will result in the cancellation of the relative voucher and the need to reissue a new voucher for the correct amount. 

If a performance purchased with a voucher has been cancelled, an exchange with a ticket of equal value for a different date or for a different performance will be permitted. 
Under no circumstances will it be possible to receive a refund of the sum equivalent to the amount spent.