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A second season at the Teatro Studio Melato for Carbonio, by Pier Lorenzo Pisano, the winner of the 56th Riccione Theatre Award: the strange story of a man’s encounter with an alien life form serves as a springboard for a reflection on the predatory nature of humans, represented by enthusiasm surrounding the Voyager probe and the deep-set fear of encountering “others”.

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato

A man has an encounter with an extra-terrestrial. One peculiarity of the alien is that it is not carbon-based, unlike all life on Earth. The unexpected contact provides a pretext for a reflection on the “predatory” nature of the human race. In the rich dialogue between Her (Federica Fracassi) – the woman charged with verifying the truthfulness of the events – and Him (Mario Pirrello) – the man who had the experience – the re-emergence of painful events from His past leads the two characters to counter each other; while She is full of doubts, suspicions, and fears, He, in the encounter with the alien life-form takes the opportunity to abandon a life that is burdened with the memory of unbearable suffering. The story of the two characters leads to the exploding of our relationship with infinity, in the form of both enthusiasm and ingenuity over programmes to conquer space during the early seventies, when the Golden Records, which carried images and sounds from the Earth, and a musical selection, were loaded onto the Voyager probes before they were launched to explore the Solar System. 
The play, winner of the 56th Riccione Theatre Award – and now translated into English, French and German – scenes focusing on discussions between Her and Him are interposed with comments on some of the images engraved on the Golden Records; it is an ironic counterpoint to highlight fears and desires that, now as it was then, accompany each and every one of us when faced with the immense mystery of our place in the universe. 

Duration: 95’ without interval

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written and directed by Pier Lorenzo Pisano
sets Marco Rossi
lighting Gianni Staropoli
costumes Raffaella Toni
characters and performers
Her Federica Fracassi
Him Mario Pirrello
a voice Pier Lorenzo Pisano
a Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa production
winner of the 56th Riccione Theatre Award

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