Ditegli sempre di sì

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An exhilarating and scathing comedy by the great Eduardo, a text with a perfect mechanism, a balance of comedy and tragedy. It explores the labyrinth of the human mind, examining the concepts of “normality” and “madness”; what happens when one is unable to understand metaphor or irony, and takes everything literally?

Piccolo Teatro Strehler

This piece, one of the great Eduardo’s lesser-known works, is based on the perfect mechanism of the text; an ideal balance of comedy and tragedy; a very enjoyable comedy that, while maintaining an air of farce, offers serious reflections on the thin line between health and mental illness. It is a vivacious and colourful work, whose main character is a methodical madman with a mania for perfection. Michele has spent a year in a psychiatric hospital, and it is only due to the faith of an optimistic doctor that he has been allowed to return to a normal life. His is a calm and polite madness and appears to be the most normal man in the world, but in reality, his folly is particularly subtle as it leads him to confuse his desires with the world that surrounds him; he is excessively rational, taking everything literally and ignoring metaphors, tending to dot the i’s and take everything to extremes. He returns home to find himself having to deal with a world that is extremely different from the schema with which he was re-educated during his time in the hospital. In the end, amidst misunderstandings and doubts, the question arises; who is truly mad? 
Elledieffe-Compagnia di Teatro di Luca De Filippo has called on Roberto Andò to direct the piece. Used to moving between the worlds of cinema and theatre, this is his first time tackling Eduardo. It is an important production for the Company, which continues – faithfully following the path set out by Luca – to represent and maintain the immense cultural heritage of one of the oldest theatrical families. Michele is played by Tony Laudadio, and his sister Teresa by Carolina Rosi.

Duration: 110’ including interval

The Playbill

Ditegli sempre di sì
by Eduardo De Filippo 
with Carolina Rosi, Tony Laudadio, Andrea Cioffi, Antonio D’Avino, Federica Altamura, Vincenzo Castellone, Nicola Di Pinto, Paola Fulciniti, Viola Forestiero, Vincenzo D'Amato, Gianni Cannavacciuolo, Boris De Paola
sets and lighting by Gianni Carluccio
costumes Francesca Livia Sartori
directed by Roberto Andò
an Elledieffe - Compagnia di Teatro di Luca De Filippo, Teatro della Toscana Foundation production



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