Il crogiuolo

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The Salem witch-hunt of 1692, which seemed a forerunner of McCarthyism in the United States and the current psychosis; Filippo Dini directs and performs in the piece that Arthur Miller wrote to tell of “one of the strangest and most terrible chapters of human history”. 

Piccolo Teatro Strehler

Filippo Dini directs and performs one of the most ferocious and critical works about American society written by Arthur Miller: The crucible. Written in 1952, during the period of McCarthyism, it stages the tragic dementia of the time through the witch-hunt that gripped the city of Salem in 1692.
“Everything began – explained Dini – with the strange behaviour of a couple of adolescents, who were probably simply manifesting the difficulty that so many of their peers had in overcoming that terrible age; their doctors, unable to find any scientific reason for their bizarre behaviour, passed the problem on to the authorities, the community, and the church. Accused of being possessed, the girls feel under pressure to accuse others of having bewitched them and, in a crescendo of folly and fear, 144 people were tried, with 19 of them being hung. Miller wrote this drama during the tragic period of McCarthyism, when he and other artists were “placed under observation” by the Committee on Un-American activities. The most commonly used weapon during this period was informing; those who did not provide names of other presumed communist sympathisers were accused of contempt, marking the end of their career. The transposition of this story over that of Salem is a metaphor for the situation experienced in person by the writer, and we in turn use it to examine our present time”.

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The Playbill

Il crogiuolo
by Arthur Miller
with (in alphabetical order) Virginia Campolucci, Pierluigi Corallo, Gennaro Di Biase, Andrea Di Casa, Filippo Dini, Didì Garbaccio Bogin, Paolo Giangrasso, Fatou Malsert, Manuela Mandracchia, Nicola Pannelli, Fulvio Pepe, Valentina Spaletta Tavella, Caterina Tieghi, Beatrice Vecchione, Aleph Viola
directed by Filippo Dini
sets Nicolas Bovey
costumes Alessio Rosati
lighting Pasquale Mari
music Aleph Viola
choreographic collaboration Caterina Basso
assistant director Carlo Orlando
a Teatro Stabile di Torino - Teatro Nazionale, Teatro Stabile di Bolzano, Teatro di Napoli - Teatro Nazionale production

Category of performance Piccolo Production
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Balcony full price € 26 | Discounted (under 26 and over 65) € 18

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