La cupa

Fabbula di un omo che divinne un albero

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La cupa, the shadowy path between caves, and also the darkness that cloaks the violent feud between the two families of tuff miners in the “absolute masterpiece” by Mimmo Borrelli; an ancient yet extremely contemporary story in verse of betrayal and violence.

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato

According to an ancient legend, during the night of Sant’Antonio, animals are given the ability to talk to humans. This ability comes with a price; whoever listens to them will be cursed with bad luck and damnation. This is how Innocente Crescento is forced to relive the terrible story of his family, told by La cupa, the play hailed by the newspaper la Repubblica as an “absolute masterpiece that has changed the history of theatre”. A visionary piece of writing in fifteen-thousand verses in powerful and enchanting Neapolitan; an allegoric poem that resounds with echoes of Basile and Shakespeare, and flashes of Nō theatre and Greek tragedy; an ancient yet highly contemporary story of feuds, betrayal, amputation, oppression and violence.
“The plot - explains Mimmo Borrelli, here fulfilling the triple role of writer, director and actor - takes the form of a fictional and troubled other world, with the clashing of planets seeped in a saga of errors buried in ravines, geological strata, anecdotes and cavities, with the contours of memory blurred and smoothed by the years, ill winds and eras of misdeeds and original sin. A true saga, buried deep in the heart, a good and generous time, of its opposing character Giosafatte ’Nzamamorte, a good, true man with a disturbing, undeciphered, troubled and demented past”.

Duration: 180’ with an interval

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The Playbill

La cupa
Fabbula di un omo che divinne un albero
verse, song, stageplay and direction by Mimmo Borrelli
with Maurizio Azzurro, Dario Barbato, Mimmo Borrelli, Gaetano Colella, Veronica D’Elia, Rossella De Martino, Renato De Simone, Gennaro Di Colandrea, Paolo Fabozzo, Enzo Gaito, Geremia Longobardo, Stefano Miglio, Roberta Misticone
sets Luigi Ferrigno
costumes Enzo Pirozzi
light design Cesare Accetta
music and sound environments composed and performed live by Antonio Della Ragione
set photos Flavia Tartaglia
a Fondazione Teatro di Napoli – Teatro Bellini production
the play debuted at the Teatro San Ferdinando in Naples on 10 April 2018, produced by the Teatro di Napoli - Teatro Nazionale
The play contains vulgar language, and is not recommended for spectators under the age of 16 

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