La lunga strada di sabbia

Il viaggio in Italia di Pier Paolo Pasolini

Touring production

Under the guidance of Federico Tiezzi, Sandro Lombardi, Monica Bacelli and Andrea Rebaudengo embark on a theatrical and musical journey that traces the steps of Pier Paolo Pasolini in 1959, from the north to the south, a return trip along the Italian coastline, a meandering exploration of a country at the dawn of the economic boom and a eulogy for a world lost forever.

Piccolo Teatro Grassi

Between June and August 1959, the magazine Successo commissioned Pier Paolo Pasolini to take a “tour of Italy” along its most outermost border; a journey along the coastline of the peninsula. In a Fiat 1100, Pasolini travelled from Ventimiglia to Palmi, from north to south, to the islands and back. The report was published in three parts and is a light and unique moment in Pasolini’s career.
Transformed into a theatrical event – on the occasion of the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of the writer and director, celebrated this year – and extrapolated from its journalistic context, La lunga strada di sabbia offers one of those rare moments of “Pasolinian happiness”; the author, removed from the melancholic and at times tragic air of his work, and in a certain sense enjoying a holiday from himself, abandons himself to what he defines as his “Mozartian soul”. More than a form of reportage, his is a meandering exploration of the same Italy that would soon announce his decline and his death; the light, rather than solemn, celebration of an Italy in the very first and invisible moment of the economic boom, seen from the point of view of a poet whose style is of an almost infantile vitality and euphoria, joie de vivre and sensuality; a “voyage through Italy” that is also a eulogy for a lost world.

Duration: 90’ without interval

The Playbill

La lunga strada di sabbia
Il viaggio in Italia di Pier Paolo Pasolini
a three-voice concert curated by Federico Tiezzi
with Sandro Lombardi
mezzosoprano Monica Bacelli
pianoforte Andrea Rebaudengo
based on an idea by Biagio Scuderi
adaptation and stageplay by Fabrizio Sinisi
musical dramaturgy by Emilio Sala
assistant director Francesco Torrigiani
a Società del Quartetto di Milano production
in coproduction with the Lombardi-Tiezzi Company
Luigi Tenco, Un giorno dopo l’altro
Ottorino Respighi, “Van li effluvi…” 
Piero Ciampi, Livorno
Maurice Ravel, “M’affaccio alla finestra” 
’Mbraccio a te, canzone napoletana 
Franco Alfano, Antica ninnananna partenopea
Giovanni Sollima, “Luna luné”
La pizzica di Torchiarolo (La zimara) 
Francesco Paolo Tosti, Chitarrata abruzzese
G. F. Malipiero, “Fa nana fantolin” 
Antonio Smareglia, Due canzoni gradesi 
Pier Paolo Pasolini/Domenico Modugno, Cosa sono le nuvole
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