Orlando hater and Angelica furiosa

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Drawing its cue from the masterpiece by Ludovico Ariosto, our Orlando hater, enamoured and irascible, in the throes of the typical feelings of adolescence, is forced by an Angelica furiosa to face questions related to gender equality, the vision of masculinity and the idealisation of love; all themes of particular topicality for secondary school audiences. 

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato

A form of theatre conceived as an instrument for learning, offering an opportunity for study while not forgetting the importance of entertainment; this is the aim of the shows conceived specifically for elementary, secondary and high schools. Three different approaches to the world of theatre, three different ways to draw on theatrical and literary tradition, each oriented towards a specific age range.
The show for secondary schools takes its cue from a revisiting of the figure of Orlando, based on the celebration of the figure by Boiardo and Ariosto. An Orlando enamoured and irascible, a crazed dreamer, in the throes of the typical emotions of adolescence; the aim is to allow teens to understand that traditional literary masterpieces can tell us much about the present. Our Orlando hater comes to terms with their duty to respond to the image of the positive hero, a model that our society has created and celebrates, above all through the stereotypes that are currently the subject of radical rethinking. Through examinations of Bradamante and Rinaldo, Ruggiero and Astolfo, but above all through an encounter with an Angelica furiosa, the champion tackles questions regarding gender equality, the idea of masculinity and the idealisation of love. All themes of particular topicality for our audiences. The show is staged at the Teatro Studio Melato, a place in which theatrical art is laid bare, in the same manner that Ariosto’s narrative art. The show, which lasts for one hour, sees the participation of four actors. It is a streamlined, essential and direct staging, which plays with the audience’s imagination, in search of a form of complicity that is fundamental for bringing adolescents closer to the theatre, thus fostering future audiences.

Duration: 50 minuti

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The Playbill

Orlando hater and Angelica furiosa
(after Ludovico Ariosto)
written and directed by Davide Carnevali
lighting Manuel Frenda 
video Daniele Bellini and Alessia Donnini
with Daniele Cavone Felicioni, Michele Dell’Utri, Diana Manea, Giulia Trivero
a Piccolo Teatro di Milano - Teatro d'Europa production
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as part of the project Il teatro tiene banco



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